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July 9 2019 - MediSeek Public Preview Is Released!

Let's Look

UpshotAPPS has over 25 years combined experience in software development.

Web Apps

We construct line of business apps using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Or we use Java on the server with Vaadin. Typically as single page.

Mobile Apps

With the limitations of Apache Cordova removed, we feel Cordova is a great platform to develop Line of Business Mobile Apps. It makes fast apps that are economically viable to develop.

Web Services

Web Services are developed with Java or with C#. JWT is used to authentication the client. On the server we are not 100% impressed with Javascript where rigor is paramount.


We are Microsoft SQL Server certified experts and excellent with PostgreSQL. Both of these are professional databases. We also have certifications with MySQL. Any database you have, we can program, to include Oracle. Or Microsoft Access.

Let Us Quantify

We put some numbers to things.


Years Combined Experience






A number of products are scheduled for release in 2019.


The premier search for licensed healthcare providers in the United States. On the web. On your mobile device. The first public preview is released July 9 2019. Our flagship product.

Address Direct

Using the latest Postal Service information. Correct more addresses than other systems. Parses the data more finely than other systems. A by-product of MediSeek development. Available as a REST Web Service. Coming in 2019.


Track shipments of product over time where multiple shipments are required to fill an order. Tracks the customer the quantities consumed, on hand and available to reorder. Coming 2019.


So you have a grocery shopping list. Up and down the isles you march, finding everything. What if the app knew where everything is and put the list in the order of the grocery store isles? Honeyware may be promoted, there is a stellar response to this app. Slated for 2020.


Millions of people play World of Tanks. They publish an API but only a few attempts have been made to use it. Will track the tank, crew, battlefield, time of day. Tracks your battle progress. Using calculus, determines which tanks and crews are trending. Considering 2020.


We'd be thrilled to work with you on your software and database projects.

Local to San Diego County, we can service your software and database need north to Santa Barbara and east to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.

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